The Original BowSling design– The PBSL model

This is it. The original, industry leading, braided paracord BowSling. The Paradox BowSling, model PBSL, is built using our standard three-strand braided paracord straps or our spiral cord straps. Constructed with a black or brown harness leather mount, and packaged with a stainless steel cone washer for mounting to your bow. We use only the finest domestically tanned extra heavy hides for our leather mounts. The Paradox BowSling is available with any of the 101 standard braids straps, both camo and target colors, and 29 spiral cord straps.

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SynSling™ – The PSYN model

The Paradox SynSling™ is built with a scent-free black rubber mount that has a stainless steel grommet permanently installed in the center mounting hole. The SynSling™, model PSYN, is built with the same three-strand braided paracord straps or spiral cord straps used in the PBSL models. The SynSling™ is packaged with a star washer for mounting to your bow.

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BowSling Elite – The PBSE model

The BowSling Elite, model PBSE, is identified by our exclusive doublewide, three-plait braided strap. Our BowSling Elite is the only commercially available, six strand three-plait braided paracord BowSling on the market today. Our heavy black or brown leather mount securely holds the strap. Each sling is packaged with a stainless steel cone washer for mounting. You can choose from 73 standard great looking Elite straps.

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BowSling Elite Custom Cobra – The PBSE CC model

The BowSling Elite Custom Cobra slings, model PBSE CC, are distinguished by a hand-tied, Cobra style braided center strap section. The Cobra style braid, known as The Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet knot, is the very same knot used in many of the survival bracelets on the market today. Our popular handcrafted Custom Cobra BowSlings are modern, rugged and good looking. Many of the 47 standard braids are built using paracord color combinations unique to these slings. Because we hand tie our Custom Cobra knot over our standard BowSling braided strap, you can untie the knot to use the approximately 10 feet of paracord in an emergency situation without destroying your BowSling.

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Lost Camo Series

All Lost Camo™ BowSlings come with a paracord strap designed to match the colors in the Lost Camo™ pattern. There are six slings in the series – four models are built with a leather mount and two models with a synthetic mount. The SG/NG (SG=steel grommet / NG=no grommet) model BowSlings in Lost Camo™ are available in standard and Elite models.

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BowSling Exotics

We offer two styles of BowSlings in our Exotics Series, the BowSling Elite-Zebra BowSling Elite-Gator. The Elite-Zebra is made of genuine zebra hide that is joined with a custom-color Elite braided strap. Since every zebra has unique striping, each BowSling Elite-Zebra is one-of-a-kind! The BowSling Elite-Gator uses genuine gator belly skin with rubberized backing for strength and durability to build one-of-a-kind slings with a custom-colored Elite strap.

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