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PARADOX PRODUCTS, LLC is a wholesale-only archery accessory manufacturer and home of the original braided paracord BowSling.

Being a micro-manufacturer with limited staff, Paradox Products relies on the expertise of archery pro shops, sporting goods retailers and archery distributors to move our products in the consumer marketplace. These businesses are integral to the success of our wholesale-only business model. The relationship between Paradox Products and our business customers is why we choose to deliver our products to consumers exclusively through these retail and wholesale outlets and why our website does not allow consumers to buy directly from us.


It was about 20 years ago in a basement workshop that the first Paradox Products BowSling was engineered. Since then, our products have reached target archers and hunters of all ages and experience levels all over the world. Widely copied but never equaled, the original Paradox braided paracord design is still the industry leader.

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For seven years I spent my days working in a large and popular archery pro shop. While working behind the counter, I did my fair share of tinkering. There were lots of great sights, arrow rests and stabilizers available. The bow slings on the market were fine but there needed to be something better.

At that time I was using the popular rubber tube style sling. It was easy to use and functional. It did not get in the way when I reached for my bow in a tree stand or on the target line. But it had problems. The rubber kept wearing out and the metal wire support bent out of position when I took my hunting bow in and out of its case. Looking for some better substitutes, I came up with a few braided leather bow slings. I really liked the look, the feel, the silence of the leather. But it drooped. When I should be watching what the deer was doing, I had to fish for the opening when I grabbed my bow. A stiff, quiet, comfortable, durable, and odor free sling– this is what I wanted.

I started digging through my hunting closet. Within the piles of stuff, in the pocket of an old pair of camo pants I came upon a possible solution: a parachute cord pull up rope. I never liked that rope much. It always balled up in my pocket and I would spend time undoing knots in the dark when I should have been positioning myself in a tree stand. This troublesome cord proved to be what I was looking for.

After several attempts at cutting, melting, and braiding, I finally had it: Stiff, silent, easy on the wrist, durable, and odor free. To attach it to my bow I took a nice piece of harness leather, punched a couple of holes into it and tied on the braided cord. Simple but it worked. My new sling stayed upright and looked great. If it smashed down in my bow case a little tug would make it stand upright once again. After just a few modifications to the leather mount the Paradox BowSling was born.

Approaching two decades in business, the success of Paradox BowSlings is in the hands of both hunters and target shooters who do not settle for less. Retailers and distributors have come to expect the reliability, consistency, and high value of our product, not to mention the hundreds of color combinations we offer. Retailers need not look elsewhere for simplicity, originality, durability and made-by-hand in the United States. Paradox is BowSlings.

The Paradox Brand

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The Paradox Products brand is defined by The Paradox Code: Quality, Reliability, Consistency, Value, Originality, Selection and Made in the U.S.A.

The anchor of the Paradox brand is quality. Quality in everything we do. Quality components used in controlled manufacturing processes result in consistent products. This consistency results in finished products that are reliable. While quality components cost more and while the time-intensive assembly processes cost more, the value of this higher quality far outweighs the savings you get solely from lower price.

All of our BowSlings are made in the U.S.A. We have a greater selection of styles and colors of BowSlings than all other manufacturers combined. Many of our original braided paracord bow sling designs have been copied. Paradox is the only place to get the BowSling Elite, with the double-wide three-plait braided strap.