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Paradox Products builds the original, industry leading braided paracord bow sling. Our combination of quality paracord, heavy harness leather, scent-free rubber mounts and stainless steel cone washers for mounting ensures our slings remain in a proper position so archers maintain control over the bow, and not the reverse.

Most braided and fabric-based bow slings on the market do not have the strength to remain on a bow in an upright position. If you spend time fumbling to get your hand through the bow sling loop, you are unknowingly adjusting your form. This adjustment takes away from one basic purpose and advantage of a bow sling which is to help the archer maintain consistent form.

All Paradox Products BowSlings are manufactured right here in the United States. They always have been and they always will be. Ask your local archery retailer and pro shop why they look no further than PARADOX for craftsmanship, reliability, selection and performance.